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Thank you for joining us in celebrating our marriage! We hope to see all of you this May.

Who We Are

Justin Butterfield grew up in the Wild West: El Paso, Texas. Justin was homeschooled and then went to the University of Texas at El Paso where he studied Electrical Engineering—he always had a love of computers. After graduating at the top of his class, Justin decided to head to Harvard Law School. Three years later, he became an attorney. Justin now works at the Liberty Institute in Plano, Texas, defending religious freedom. Justin spends most of his time outside of work Skypeing with Alie. When he's not doing that, he's probably on the computer, reading, watching a movie, or playing the bagpipes.

Alison Joann Nelson is the oldest of three girls but the last daughter for her dad to give away. Alie grew up in West Chicago, Illinois, and has lived within a five-mile radius for her entire life. After she graduated from high school (she was also homeschooled), Alie went on a four-month missions trip to New Zealand. It was there that she decided to major in art. She came home and attended the College of DuPage for a year and a half and then went away to Asbury University in Kentucky. At Asbury, Alie was actively involved in the art department and served as a resident assistant. Alie graduated in 2009 with a degree in Studio Art. Since graduation, Alie has worked a myriad of jobs. She is presently teaching art classes to homeschooled students. Outside of work, Alie spends time with Justin, paints, reads, and spends massive amounts of time wedding planning. Alie also volunteers at an after-school program in which she teaches art to low-income children.

How We Met

As cliché as this is, we met at a wedding! Justin was there for the groom, Landon DePasquale, and Alie was there for the bride, Jill Meier. The wedding was in West Chicago. After the head table was taken down to make room for a dance floor, Justin, now without a seat (he was a groomsman), sat down next to Alie, who he thought was pretty cute! They started talking, and Justin asked Alie out. Alie said no because she had work to do after the wedding. But they talked online and then on the phone for six months after that. Justin kept pursuing Alie, and he finally won her over. The wedding was in August of 2010, and they finally went on their first date in February of the following year. They were constantly traveling to see each other over the next year, including to Spain for a missions trip together! In October of 2011, we got to...

The Proposal

Justin proposed on October 29, 2011. Alie suspected that he might propose soon, but she was quite sure that it wouldn't be that day. Justin flew in early the day before and met with Alie's dad. Alie's dad then dropped Justin off back at the airport so that Alie could pick him up, not knowing that Justin had spoken with him. On the day of the proposal, Alie and Justin went on a picnic to Cantigny Garden and Park, which was where Alie had earlier spent a day in prayer and decided that Justin was the one. After the picnic, Justin told Alie that he had a present for her: a book. Since they had started dating, Justin had sent Alie an encouraging letter each morning. Justin took all of those letters and had them bound in a book that he designed. At the back of the book, Justin cut out a space for the ring. Alie was reading through the book, remembering the past year of dating, and then she caught a glimpse of the ring. Alie gasped! Justin then asked Alie to marry him, and Alie said yes!

The Future

After the wedding, Alie will be moving to Dallas with Justin. We will have a spare bedroom, so everyone is invited to come and visit us! Once we get our new address, we will put that information here.

The Ceremony

The ceremony will be held at 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, May 27, 2012, at St. Andrew's Lutheran Church. The church, located across the street from the Nelsons' house, is at:

155 N. Prince Crossing Road
West Chicago, Illinois

The Reception

The reception will be immediately following the wedding ceremony and will be located in the Nelson's backyard, across the street from the church. The Nelsons' address is:

1N140 Prince Crossing Road
West Chicago, Illinois

The Bridal Party

My bridesmaids are my best friends. I don't know what I would do without each of these girls. They have always been there for me, and I am so happy to have them stand with me on my wedding day.

Alyssa McGarvey, Matron of Honor and Sister of the Bride

Who could ask for a better sister and best friend? Lissy has been my voice of reason, love, and encouragement for most of my life. Lissy's love for Jesus is contagious. She has been a great source of truth when I needed it most. Lissy and her husband, Andrew, are expecting their first baby in April, and I am so excited to become an auntie!

Alana Birky, Matron of Honor and Sister of the Bride

Lana is my littlest sister. Although we might have rubbed each other the wrong way in childhood, she became one of my closest and dearest friends as we grew into adulthood. Lana surprises me still with her wisdom and insight, her deep love of God, and her encouragement as one of my biggest cheerleaders. I couldn't have asked for a better littlest sister! I love our sister trio. Lissy and Lana, you guys are the best!

Stefanie Nelson, Bridesmaid and Cousin of the Bride

Stefanie was a built-in friend, like my sisters. Growing up, we found many ways to entertain ourselves, including faxing each other from our parents' home offices! Stefanie and I always watch Anne of Green Gables together. But more importantly, as we have grown up together, we have figured out how to be godly women and challenge each other's faith. She is also the person who, when given the chance, is a great travel buddy. Whether we are traveling with our families together or just the two of us, we always enjoy our vacations together! I love my time with Stefanie. She is the big sister I never had!

Brittany Butterfield, Bridesmaid and Sister of the Groom

Brittany is my newest friend, and while I haven't known her long, I look forward to growing with her and deepening my relationship with her.

Priscilla Dean, Bridesmaid and Friend of the Bride

Priscilla, her twin sister Joy, Lissy, and I have been a great foursome since 2003. There have been many sleepovers and, in the past few years, many weddings. I have seen each fall in love and get married, and now I am doing the same. I don't know what I would do without Joy and Priscilla. Priscilla is who I confide in. She listens and loves and imparts wisdom. When I do stupid things, I call Priscilla and she helps me (or tells me to knock it off!). She has seen me at my worst and she loves my anyway. Priscilla really is a wonderful friend.

Joy Matteson, Bridesmaid and Friend of the Bride

Joy, Priscilla's twin sister and Lissy's and my dear friend, is hilarious! Sometimes she doesn't mean to be, but she is. Joy, you may not know this, but as you have learned to laugh at yourself, you have taught me to laugh at myself. Joy loves cooking and theology. She is always trying new recipes and turning them gluten-free so my family and I can try them. Joy's love of theology has brought forth many late-night college conversations on the phone discussing the things we were learning.

Stephanie Olson, Bridesmaid and Friend of the Bride

Stephanie and I became instant friends. We met, and we knew that we were friends. Though states almost always separate us, we have remained close friends who usually talk weekly about anything and everything. Whether we are talking about new recipes and diets, health, boys, frustrations with family, Jesus, or something else, we have each other's back. Stephanie has a deep love of the Lord and for her dearest friends, and I am privileged to be among them.

Caroline Nelson, Flowergirl and Cousin of the Bride

Caroline is one year old. She learned to walk at her birthday party when Justin and I gave her a pair of ruby shoes. She was so enamored of her shoes that she just stared at her feet and started taking steps, forgetting that she didn't yet know how. Caroline has been walking ever since, which is good since she will be walking down the aisle for our wedding! During her auditions for the part of flowergirl, Caroline emptied her basket of petals and then proceeded to pick them all up and start again, so you can watch for that in the actual wedding. Unpredictability makes weddings fun!

Nathan Robinson, Best Man and Friend of the Groom

Nathan and I have been friends since I was in fourth grade and he was in the sixth grade. We discovered during our times together on the playground during recess that we shared a love of computers and all things nerdy. Over the following almost twenty years, we have been together through thick and thin. We homeschooled at the same time, and often spent our afternoons together playing games or going to the movies. With Nathan and his wife, Lindsey, now in the D.C. area and me in the Dallas area, we see each other less, but we still play games online together and try to see each other over breaks. When we get back together, we pick up right where we left off, as though we had never been apart.

Landon DePasquale

I became friends with Landon in church youth group, which I started attending because of Nathan. Landon and I also shared a love a nerdy things, and we enjoyed debating with each other—mostly about theology. I was saddened when Landon moved from El Paso to Wheaton, Illinois, but it turned out to be for the best because that was how I met Alie! When Landon married Jill Meier, I was at the wedding for Landon, and Alie was at the wedding for Jill. Now I'm quite thankful that Landon moved away! So thank you, Landon, for going to Wheaton and marrying Jill!

Andrew McGarvey

Andrew (or Andy McG, as I occasionally call him) is one of Alie's brothers-in-law, married to Alie's sister Lissy. Andrew has been a great guide to joining the Nelson family, and he has either wise advice or a joke for every situation. I have greatly enjoyed getting to know Andrew over the past year, and I look forward to many more comical and wise comments in the years to come.

Luke Birky

Luke is Alie's other brother-in-law, married to Lana. Luke is in law school at the University of Illinois right now, and he, like me, wants to use his law degree to defend religious liberty. I have also greatly enjoyed getting to know Luke over the past year. Luke has provided great advice to me during my courtship of Alie, and I hope that I have provided equally-as-great advice to him in how to achieve his goals with respect to his future in law.

Neil Strickland

I met Neil at Harvard's Reformed Christian Fellowship, and we soon became close friends. Neil was studying urban planning and development at Harvard while I was in law school there. Neil's dorm was just down the street from mine, and we often visited each other and had long conversations, played boardgames, and watched movies together. Neil now lives about an hour outside of Houston, Texas. He knows more about architecture and the development of Texas than anyone else I know, and he always has fascinating insights. I always enjoy my time with Neil, and I look forward to spending more time with him in the years to come.

Jordan Leu

Jordan was a 1L at Harvard Law School while I was a 3L. Though I did meet Jordan and his now-wife Erin there once, we really became friends once I started working at Liberty Institute with Erin. Over the past year-and-a-half, Jordan and Erin have become very close friends, and I always enjoy spending time with them. They are both very dedicated and giving. Jordan loves the inner workings of cars, and we have spent an entire day just diagnosing and repairing my car. Jordan and Erin have made my move from El Paso to Dallas much easier by being there for me and just being friends.

Ryan Snodgrass

Ryan and I have been friends since high school. We met at a New Year's lock-in at church, and our lives have intertwined ever since. We have been skiing together, had a disastrous-in-every-possible-way camping trip together (we got lost, got hailed on, had our supplies blow away, and had our boat sink), and had lots of fun together. Ryan is always encouraging, and we have grown in Christ so much together. I look forward to seeing how our friendship continues to develop in the years to come.

We're registered at:

Bed Bath & Beyond

The Pampered Chef

Pottery Barn

MyRegistry.com, which includes the following:



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Information for our Guests

We have reserved a block of rooms at the HYATT house in Warrenville, Illinois. To receive our block rate of $89.00 per night for a suite, you must reserve your room before May 5. Because our wedding is during Memorial Day weekend, we suggest that you book your room and flight early. The hotel's phone number is (800) 993-1392.